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How to Bargain – A Traveller’s Guide

Bargaining should be done with goodwill so that neither party feels put upon. Use smiles and good humour. But beware: the business of bargaining can be brutal!

Adventurers will gauge their own comfort level of balanced, fair barter. A street seller starts at, let’s say, $20. I say ‘No, too much.’ (Often I don’t even want it!)

They say ‘OK, $15.’

I say, ‘It’s quite cute but it’s too much.’ (I still don’t want it.)

‘OK. How much you give?’

I say something stupid like ‘$5’.
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Top Ten Budget Travel Tips

By Des Gettinby

1. Buy a good quality travel Guide Book . Everything you need to know in one compact book. Find a bed, a feed, a train, plane or bus – it’s all there

2. Be brave. Book your flights and go. Budget travelling can be easily achieved. Apart from your return air ticket, all tour bookings, sightseeing, accommodation and ongoing transport can be easily and less expensively organised when you arrive at your destination. Keep your eye out for discount air fares.

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Tours and Travel in India

Travelling to India? India – Footloose and Almost Free by Des Gettinby will help you plan your budget Indian adventure.

A humorous tale of two people each taking only 7 kg of luggage and intrepidly exploring India.

Des and Barb Gettinby are a spirited couple. Having retired from corporate life they now love to travel at a grassroots level. No more 5 star accommodation. Nothing booked; the itinerary unfolds as their curiosity prompts them – mixing with and meeting the locals, sharing time with the cosmopolitan kids of the world and always staying in en-suite rooms either in city centres or on the abandoned beaches of Goa.
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