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How to Bargain – A Traveller’s Guide

Bargaining should be done with goodwill so that neither party feels put upon. Use smiles and good humour. But beware: the business of bargaining can be brutal!

Adventurers will gauge their own comfort level of balanced, fair barter. A street seller starts at, let’s say, $20. I say ‘No, too much.’ (Often I don’t even want it!)

They say ‘OK, $15.’

I say, ‘It’s quite cute but it’s too much.’ (I still don’t want it.)

‘OK. How much you give?’

I say something stupid like ‘$5’.
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Tours and Travel in India

Travelling to India? India – Footloose and Almost Free by Des Gettinby will help you plan your budget Indian adventure.

A humorous tale of two people each taking only 7 kg of luggage and intrepidly exploring India.

Des and Barb Gettinby are a spirited couple. Having retired from corporate life they now love to travel at a grassroots level. No more 5 star accommodation. Nothing booked; the itinerary unfolds as their curiosity prompts them – mixing with and meeting the locals, sharing time with the cosmopolitan kids of the world and always staying in en-suite rooms either in city centres or on the abandoned beaches of Goa.
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